Why Admiralty?


Proven Experience

With over 25 years of proven experience in the sourcing and production of high-quality marketing materials, we have the expertise needed to ensure that execution is flawless at every stage of your project, from design through to delivery. 


Cost Savings

Our comprehensive supplier network ensures that we have the economy of scale to deliver well within your budget, regardless of how big or small the order size. 


Supplier Network

Our strategic partnerships with several of the world's most trusted manufacturers provide an optimal range of solutions for your marketing needs. Whether implementation is around the corner or around the world, we’ve got the reach you need. 

Admiralty Advantages


Service Flexibility

Whether your project value is $500 or $15 million, we deliver the same high level of service and attention that you deserve.  

Innovations & Insights

We believe that supplying promotional materials, POSM, and print of superior quality and at low cost should only be the beginning of the value we offer. So we're constantly on the lookout for new innovations to optimize your marketing ROI. 

Accountability & Trust

Everything we do will be fully transparent. Since we partner with several different providers, your invoice may be issued by AGMS or one of our associated companies depending on the nature of your project. We'll always let you know in advance what to expect. 

Expert Design & Engineering

If you are at concept stage and need ideas for your next bespoke project, our talented group of design experts can help. And because we work directly with factories in Asia, we can provide samples at reasonably low costs. 

Global Reach

We have the ability to deliver your branded promotional merchandise & POSM almost anywhere in the world with DDP pricing. 

Privately Owned & Operated

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not answer to shareholders - only to our valued customers. This gives us the flexibility to offer highly adaptable services at a moment's notice.